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Monitor your Home with our Freeze Warn Lights!

Help Prevent Frozen Pipes and Other Unnecessary Harm to your Home. Use the Freeze Warn Light System Trusted for over 20 Years! Cost to repair flood damage from a burst pipe in your home can range from $5,000 to $70,000 (ref Our Freeze Warning Lights are a reliable, low-cost solution to ensure you can sleep worry free when away from home during the winter. Our Warning Lights are easy to setup with Two Easy Steps ! If you are interested in a system with remote monitoring capabilities, alerting of a temperature alarm or power loss via: Phone Call, Text, Email, etc . Insurance providers like to know you are using a temperature alarm system and sometimes offer discounts! Download the Steps Here!
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How To Avoid Heat Related Injuries In The Workplace

High temperatures can be dangerous to people at work and can lead to injuries, illnesses, and even death. With more than 40% of heat related deaths occurring in the construction industries, OSHA has developed a smart tool to assist with identifying dangerous working conditions for workers in this field but also in any other line of business where outside temperatures play a role in your working conditions. No matter your age or physical condition heat illness can and will affect you. We have outlined a few steps to help you and your staff avoid heat related injuries at the workplace. To protect your employees you should develop a heat illness prevention program. Below are a few of the tips we can offer you to help in protecting yourself and your employees from heat related illness. Water, Rest and Shade! WATER - There should be clean and safe drinking water located throughout the workplace making it easy and accessible for employees to stay hydrated throughout the day. REST

Proper Temperature Storage Methods For Vaccines

TIP TEMP is committed to educate our clients on the CDC recommendations and regulations for proper vaccine storage temperature monitoring . We have a large selection of various products that meet the CDC standards. Our thermal advisors are standing by ready to provide technical support and assist with the proper product selection for your specific application. Below we outlined the CDC requirements for a temperature monitoring device to be used to monitor your vaccines: CDC recommends that vaccines be monitored using a digital data logging thermometer that provides continuous monitoring information with an active display. The data logging thermometer should be digital and have a detachable probe placed in a buffering solution bottle. The temperature monitoring device should include an alarm for out-of-range temperature and have a low battery indicator. The thermometer should be capable of showing both the current temperature and the minimum and maximum temperatures since the

TIPTEMP's Guide To Medical Facility Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring the temperature and humidity levels of your medical facility there are so many different guidelines you must adhere to depending upon which state your are located in and what types of procedures and medications you store on site. Thankfully for you our team of thermal advisors here at TIP TEMPerature Products have published a free guide on tips and best practices for monitoring your medical facility. Click on Infographic to Enlarge Image If you have any questions about the specific temperature monitoring devices you need for your application feel free to contact our team of thermal advisors right away to learn more. We keep a full stock of various manufactures to ensure we always have the right thermal solution in stock ready to go for your specific needs. Want to share this image on your site? Just copy and paste the embed code below: <img src="" width="5